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 This is Trinity Athletics. This is who we are.

To all our customers, followers and fans. This is an insight into who and what we are a company.

Trinity Athletics is located in Cape Town, South Africa.

We produce, design and craft our products in house with our designer and team athletes. Every garment we launch has a purpose and a meaning         behind it. From the fit, feel and over all function of every product we produce, one thing we promise is absolute quality. Everyone knows that in order   to produce anything of utmost quality, research, testing and a long sampling process always follows. With this being said, it is exactly what we have   done. We believed that before launching anything to the public we would make sure everything would be rigorously tested by our team of handpicked   athletes.

Thus, it has taken us well over six months to perfect what we are extremely proud to call Trinity Athletics garments and as such only launched our   very first product in the month of May 2017. We are far more than just a clothing brand. We stand united in unity as a team as well as overall   perfection in everything that we produce for our loyal fan base around our magnificent country.

Trinity Athletics aims to keep our Athletes at the core of all that we design and complete and as such our garments are sure to be given the go ahead   by a number of people in all different aspects.

We aim to produce minimalist designs with superior function and quality whilst keeping our products at an affordable rate for as many people as we   can.

We make everything that we produce exclusively available on this website as well as sneek peeks at future and upcoming products on all of our Social   Media pages.

To all who have thus far supported us on our mission to become a unique company in South Africa, we truly thank each and every one of you.

Here’s to an amazing 2017.

Thank you all,

The Team at Trinity Athletics.

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